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Every picture can be turned into Mosaic

About the Artist

As a mosaic artist I have been creating unique pieces of art and holding mosaic art classes since 2001.

Mainly, I transform any design, painting, picture or portrait into an original piece of art by mixing and matching marble with all kinds of different materials such as ceramic, minerals, rocks, shells and even sand.

By mixing different materials and colors, I create unparalleled interpretations of ancient mosaics as well as contemporary designs.


My portfolio consists of landscapes, visuals, patterns and abstract art that decorate, add style and color to galleries, offices, homes and public spaces.


Today I am introducing a new concept: DIY (Do It Yourself) mosaic boxes that will awaken the artist within you. In the box, you will find all the material and tools needed to create the project of your choice at home, and at your pace following your own schedule.

Passionate about Mosaic

Passionate about both mosaic, I've been creating unique and customized pieces of art since 2001. I also teach these ancient arts in private and group workshop sessions.

I transform any design, painting, portrait or other picture into a unique mosaic art work that can decorate a home, office, shop, hotel or garden. Using old textiles I create stunning patchwork pieces that, similar to mosaics, can be based on any design. During my workshops, I teach others to do the same, using the various existing techniques.

Workshops and classes are available upon request. You can contact me by phone or email in order to schedule a workshop, buy mosaic items, or even order a new design.
You can also buy materials, stripes, squares, triangles, different shapes...

For more information, you can check out my Facebook page and my Instagram profile, or contact me by WhatsApp

Contact Me by WhatsApp

Contact me to schedule a workshop, buy an item, box, materials or to order a new design

+ 961 70 183 767
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